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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tresdodge 10 / 10

Cracking British drama that delves into the murky world of the 1980's British Hooligan

John (Reece Dinsdale)is a smug copper who along with a colleague is assigned to go undercover to delve into the violent world of the football hooligan in 1980's East London. John becomes more and more obsessed and embroiled in this world until it becomes a part of him, which is certain to lead to trouble.

This is an extremely well made and engrossing film with top notch acting and some highly convincing characters. Reece Dinsdale, Sean Pertwee and Warren Clarke ,the pub landlord Bob, are excellent and ensure that this film is a success. We are presented with restless, dissatisfied angrey working class males whose way of letting out frustration is through football violence against enemy firms.

I have seen this many times over the years and it is a film I often come back to as it always guarantees excellent entertainment, a good story, great acting and characters. Definitely watch it

Reviewed by Al-80 8 / 10

The best football film I have ever seen

A solid, often gripping little movie, Id has never had anything like the wide release it deserves. Made for television but released cinematically in the UK, the film has overcome the sloppy and ignorant reviews of the time to become something of a small scale cult fave. The reasons are immediately apparant: the dialogue is excellent, the acting is superb (at least most of the time), and the raw direction by debutante Phil Davis gives it a gritty but always unique feel. The original score is very impressive too, only ever adding to the atmosphere. The "Taxi Driver" style plot U-turn midway through comes a little late in the day to have much impact, the narrative suffering a little from being pushed from thriller territory into dark character study so suddenly.

Nevertheless, a borderline great film, lacking in style and subtlety, but more than making up for it in all other departments.

Reviewed by abel-16 10 / 10

A great movie

This is one of the best English movies I have ever seen.

The story is good, but the actors really do this movie.

Although this movie is about football hooligans it doesn't have one single scene of a football game.

I give this breathtaking drama full score. 10/10.

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