Throne of Elves


Animation / Fantasy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Xian Huang 9 / 10

very good but not excellent

I have to admit that after years of watching Hollywood style cartoon, this Chinese Made animation movie really catches my eye! It has very clear story-line; characters with different personalities; villain with brain and good strategy; beautiful designs and eye catching high quality pictures.

The only negative thing for this movie is the copyright problem with the game operator, so the movie maker had deleted many characters, only keep the very few of them.

If you are simply an animation movie fan, do not miss this Great Movie! It will not let you down. Watch it with your Kids!

Reviewed by darkelsar 6 / 10

Nice if you don't wonder too much

A somewhat interesting movie of animation, visually well done. But sadly both the scenario and the characters are full of stereotypes, and without real complexity. A lot of scenes will make you smile, but a bunch of others, and especially the most important in the story and in the action, will totally make you sigh in despair because of their incredibility.

You can surely live without watching it, but it's still a quite nice entertainment where you just shouldn't ask yourself too many questions on the scenario and characters to find it OK enough.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 4 / 10

And I thought my sister was bad.

This is the sequel to "Dragon's Nest." If you missed it, they summarize it. Little Fish, a human and Liya, an elf defeat a dragon together and have a long distance relationship. The sophisticated elves, who all look like they are Icelandic models, do not approve of the oafish humans. There is a life crystal and a dark crystal. No Skeksis, but an evil sister who looks like Maleficent and controls the dark crystal. At this point, the film is set up for you to write. While there is a love story, it stays very Platonic. Little Fish plays Silver Surfer. I wish they had did something else with the sound track. Seems it would have more of a girl appeal, 8-11 maybe. As a male adult, I was pretty well bored looking at what could be an Elvenar promotion film.

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